Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A 1940's Day Out!

Easter Sunday saw my first Vintage day out of the season, a little prep for my next visit, which is the The Festival of Vintage in York.
The event took place at the Crich Tramway Village, it's quite high up so very cold, sensibly I wore layers. I had the first outing of my blue/brown combo, vintage jacket, hat and gloves, repro dress and crochet bag, made from an original pattern, I wore my flat brown brogues, as everywhere is cobbled and a long black coat with crochet stole one of my own designs.
Fabulous car, guilty pleasure, love really old vehicles!  Plus matches my outfit
If you arrive in Vintage attire/1940's dress, then you get a hefty reduction to your entry, you're also issued with an id card, map of the Tramway Village and sixpence to pay for your Tram ride.  It's a fun day out with lots to see and do, some great outfits to spot, although I did my usual and didn't take many pic's, (so rubbish at taking photos)!!!

Hello sailor!
As the day began to get chillier me and my vintage event buddy 'Lady Peacock', decided it would be a great idea to visit the pub and grab ourselves a pint in the warm.  The sun popped its head out for five minutes so better still we decided to 'sup' outside, not because lots of uniformed gentlemen were also frequenting the area!!!
We eventually tore ourselves away, as we walked up the main street we listened to music of the era, recordings of Churchill announcing the war,  air raid sirens going off, the sound of bombs dropping and planes flying over, which I did find quite chilling.  
Further up was the sweet shop, so I couldn't resist some sherbet pips and cinder toffee.  I got Lady Peacock to pose for me in her fab outfit too.
We made our way back down, stopping to admire outfits, cars and trams and reached the bandstand where we listened to Jayne Darling singing her heart out.  

Finally the weather got the better of us and we made our way home, but the day certainly boosted our excitement for The Festival of Vintage on the 21st and 22nd of April.
There will be another 1940's event in August at the Tramway Village so summer outfits hopefully, but well worth a visit for all the family.

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