Sunday, March 11, 2018

Refashion Win!

I bought a little beauty at Ooo La La's Vintage Fair based in Chesterfield.  It's a gorgeous emerald green blouse fits like a glove so attracted by the colour and pleating detail down the front, fabulous shoulder pads,  but very 80's ideal for a re-fashion.  So I did some research and was really excited by the types of 1930's style sleeves I kept finding, perfect shapes to go with the blouse.
1930s Simplicity 1506 Sewing Pattern. 
1933 Ladies' & Misses Set of Sleeves, these again I think maybe Simplicity. 

The sleeves are raglan so had lots of fabric to play with at the top, that would create a beautiful balloon vintage sleeve.  I cut the sleeve just about the elbow and put the excess and cuff to one side I will use that for the cuff at the bottom of the sleeve.

Rather than gather I created 3 small pleats folded into the centre seam on the top of sleeve at each side, six in all, and did a loose stitch to hold.  I then cut enough fabric from the excess to create the cuffs.  I stitched to the bottom of the sleeve and hey presto!.... a fabulous sleeve which really works and gives this beautiful blouse the 1930's effect I was after.

Now I just have to put together the rest of the to look up complimentary colours to go with emerald green!!

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