Monday, January 22, 2018

Twinwood 2017 and Vintage Makes.

I ignited my love for dress making again in 2017, as part of my 'getting back to my old self' mantra, and I have collected quite a large amount of fabric!

Alas, I am not your average sized female, being nearly 6ft tall with long limbs (this caused many a teen meltdown over the years), clothing was not made for lanky ones back in the day,  (I made my own ski pants in the 80's, along with long skirts for my Northern Soul meets)!  Nowadays the likes of Long Tall Sally and some other shops with 'a tall range' are meeting the demand.  True vintage clothing is rarely available to me, if I want to wear vintage style clothing then I have to make it, using repro or original patterns.  See Below Repro Pattern bought on ebay
In 2017 I actually managed to attend some of the many UK vintage events that I had thought about going to.  Some of the stockpile of fabric was going to come in handy!  I made a total of, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of trousers, a jacket and skirt, all to wear at my most memorable event of the year......Twinwood.  I had the best time, escapism, a fantastic friendly atmosphere and 'people watching', the effort that some people make with outfits, it was inspirational. 
Not only was I there to be inspired by the vintage fashionista's, the music was a massive element too,  40's and 50's our favourite era's, but also entertained  by the likes of The Chicago Stompers, and Champagne Charlie and the Bubbly Boys to name a few. There was so many sounds to sample in the plethora of superb venues

The Colonial Club
Nags Head Sing-a-long 

Cars and Shopping

More car appreciation

We arrived on the Friday and left on the Monday.  However charmed by the whole experience we will be arriving, in 2018, on Thursday evening to catch up with fellow glampers, and leave on Tuesday morning so to spend our last night saying a fond farewell to new chums and old. 

One of my favourite days was spent sitting outside the tent in the sunshine soaking up the sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra drinking gin, blissful!

In order to soak up the whole experience me and my fellow Twinwood virgin the lovely Lady Peacock Vintage  decided early on to 'Glamp' in 2017, with Brookbell tents luckily, (2018 have SOLD OUT already).  Having never been 'Glamping' before this was also a first!  Again, can't recommend it enough, 5 star facilities, staff on site 24/7 and nothing was too much trouble.  

See below the lovely Lady Peacock Vintage modelling our luxurious tent: she is a fantastic chum has played a massive part in inspiring me, a great listener, feeds me with positive vintage craft influence and a fellow gin hag!  We are so looking forward to Twinwood 2018
So going back to dressmaking.....I found that I truly am a trouser wearer most of the time, 'most comfortable when wearing trousers'.  This year I will be making lots more outfits for Twinwood and hopefully lots more crochet tops and cardigans.  

The one item I can wear that is true vintage are hats and this beauty below will have its day! bought at Twinwood 2017, from Deborah's Vintage.

Over the weekend I had my eye on lots of hats, however there was one stall that was outstanding they reproduced the most amazing designs The Heritage Milliner  check out her gallery of delicious headwear in the link.  I am definitely going to try and commision at least two this year,

Lady Peacock Vintage
 Anyway.......I need to get my 'hook' on have a big basket of WIP's and abundant design ideas, so lastly...'Create, Be Happy and Value Yourself'.

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