Tuesday, January 30, 2018

To be more Vera!

I have been trawling some new blogs, along with the usual and am feeling quite empowered.  I watched a live feed 14/1/18, hosted by Vintage Life Magazine  on facebook with Kitty Von Tastique entitled 'Too Old for Vintage?', it really hit a cord, and I even commented!

Growing up I dipped into Antiques, Vintage, Mod and Northern Soul, loving Blues, Jazz, Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn, Swing, watching old movies on a Saturday afternoon, my school chums would take the 'micky' when I was too busy to come out to play because I had lost myself in 'South Pacific' or 'Brigadoon' so my heart was never ever in the era it should have been!

My height has always been an issue with me whilst people have always said it must be so nice to be so tall, always being the boy because of my height, comedy roles in school plays, because yes I can play the comedian.......sometimes it did have its advantages, reaching stuff for other people!!!!!  but you try shopping for clothes, its a frikking nightmare.  Until i realised my secret weapon, my darling Nanny Vera,....
Here is Vera on the right nearest the car.
....Vera taught me to embrace crafts, in particular sewing, so when I did decide in 1978 that I was a teddy girl for about a week, I got a lovely pink ladies circular skirt with petticoats from my Nan.
The Mod style appealed to me at 15/16yrs, by then, through endless tuition, I could make my own ski pants and alter the 1960 suits that did fit me.  At 18 I was bitten by the Northern Soul bug and would join the exodus to the midlands and further,  I would spent Saturday afternoon furiously making long pleated or circular skirts to wear that night, coupled with a new Fred Perry.  I partied well into my twenties and yes maybe I was a hell of a lot more confident then,  but life has its knocks and along with that it can eat at you, in my case my self belief wilted and wained.

But now I have maybe tentatively decided it's my time, as a 50 something it's time to move forward and gather all my courage and make 2018 a year to grow, not just as a person, but push those crochet designs..... find myself...... build that confidence, rock the vintage style, a new haircut, embrace the grey and just be more Vera!

'Create, be Happy and Value Yourself'

(PS:Strong confident women! Secret Plus Size Goddess Nikki Redcliffe Kitty Von Tastique to name but a few)

(PPS: I have added another new design to the crochet patterns)

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