Monday, January 22, 2018

Back on the Creative Crochet Horse!

Been out of it for a couple of years, due to various reasons, family, health etc... It's been a struggle and I wasn't sure if I would ever get back to my old self? But now I think I might just about be there!

Over the Christmas period I engaged with pictures on Instagram of some of my old designs, using ' The Knitting and Crochet Party'  started on the 25th of December for a week, by Faces_and_Style.  This has played a major part in the proverbial kick up the arse that I needed!

Some of the designs I shared:
Winter Stole
Xmas Gift Bags
Things snowballed, and ignited a mission, "Get my Craft room sorted".  

During the 'Craft Room sorting process' process I realised that I have serious magpie issues with yarn, like Gollum from Lord of the Rings it is so precious and hard to part with, needless to say I discovered I need more storage too. I started with multiple bags of yarn stored in my loft, sorting through, putting oddments aside for a neighbour who knits squares for blankets, chunky yarn for mother who knits refugee hats for charity and odd balls of dk and 4ply for another neighbour who had been gifted a loom for Christmas.  I didn't actually realise how epic my addiction to yarn was, until I later discovered boxes stuffed full of yet more yarn!  I may still be sifting through well into the New Year, although the whole process of sorting is quite cathartic.  I also found some of my old moodboards, design inspiration, vintage patterns and ideas and felt that old twinkle of excitement! Maybe my mojo is back? Hopefully my creative juices will start to flow again?

On New Years Eve, I sat in bed (hasten to add I returned back to bed after the dog walk, something I can't remember having ever done!) with laptop and plenty to reminisce and mull over, I looked forward to a fresh 2018, creative, meaningful, exciting, with a hefty spoonful of vintage influence.  To events planned in 2018 (family and self indulgent) and Blogging. So my mantra for 2018 is 'Create, Be Happy and Value Yourself' cause if you don't no other b..ger will!

If I ever escape from the craft room my next blog looks back at dressmaking,vintage patterns and Twinwood 2017......


  1. How lovely to 'see' you back Nicky. Keep up the momentum.

  2. Thank you lovely, appreciate your support. Back with a passion. xx