Monday, April 17, 2017

Diary of a Twinwood Virgin 1940's Summer Dress

So the stitching begins..... I have been researching some great blogs and pinterest pages for inspiration, see links below:
Vintage Dancer - filled to the brim with some fantastic historical info and fashion advice
We Heart Vintage - a look at photography, cinema and fashion,
Chronically Vintage - which is now retired but full of inspiration
birtheweijkamp and idacath - I follow these ladies on instagram stunning fashion styling and vintage inspiration, and
Queens of Vintage - a look book for inspiring ideas on dressing in the vintage style,
Norafinds - Blogger with fantastic a vintage look,

Armed with ideas, I found some great patterns on amazon.  I am not your standard '1940s' build (Size 14 and 6ft tall), so as much as I love vintage clothes, they weren't made with my dimensions in mind!
I found this pattern Vogue Vintage V8811 a simple make for Twinwood.
I've used a pretty poly cotton, fabric with a tiny orange and green print on black.  I would like to try and incorporate this hat but I think it needs a little customising?

As you can see from the pic the body of dress is made, just need shoulder pads and zip inserted, hopefully when completed I will be able to model the finished result!  

To finish I had a very exciting day today, I went to the WW2 event at Crich Tramway museum  now I'm feeling even more inspired, even managed to pick up a killer hat, saw so many beautiful outfits and take pics, which I will share.

Until next time......................Nicky, aka Vera!

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