Sunday, July 5, 2015

Turning Japanese

I have always been charmed by all things Japanese, not so much the technology but the delicate nature of their attention to detail.  The geisha tea ceremony fascinates me their ancient traditions, the romantic pictures of gnarly black trees dripping with delicate shades of blossom.  Much of my recent design work has I feel a Japanese influence to it.  Glaringly so with this little cushion I worked up to accompany my Jiguzagu cushion (see previous blog).

I used a chunky weight cotton that I have had knocking around for a while, I bought this a Knit and Stitch show Ally Pally a number of years ago, its called Perfomance Winter Cotton, added to this was Patons 100% 4ply for the appliquéd tree and finally Stylecraft cotton classique for the blossom.

The tree is pretty much freehand although I have written some rough guidance notes.  I hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I did.

 Cherīburossamu Cushion (チェリーブロッサム)
Cushion - Any Aran/Worsted Cotton 240mtrs. 
Flowers -Stylecraft Cotton Classique DK.
1 x ball of Saville 3670
1 x ball of Ivory 3665
Tree – Patons 100% Cotton 4ply 1712
Stitches (UK)
Ch = Chain
Slst = Slip Stitch
Dc = Double Crochet           
Tr = Treble Crochet
Special StsSurface Crochet, insert hook into crochet fabric, draw a loop through, insert hook back into fabric at top of loop catch yarn at back and draw through, rep to end on last loop pull yarn all the way through and using needle stitch back in to secure.
St(s) = Stitch(es)

Yarn Alternatives: 
DK = Cotton Glace or Patons 100% Cotton DK
4ply = Wendy Cotton 4ply

Difficulty: Beginners/Intermediate
Advanced Skills used:  Surface Crochet
Hook:  6mm and 3mm
Notions:  2 x 4cm Buttons, Bent ended Tapestry Needle, 1 x 30cm square cushion.

Tension:  For Base cushion using Aran yarn 15rows x 13sts
Measurement:  30cm x 30cm

Main Cushion
Using Grey, work 36 Chains.
Row 1 – 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc into each ch to the end, turn. (35sts)
Row 2 to Row 90 – 1ch (doesn’t count as a st), 1dc into each st to end, turn.
Row 91 –  1ch (doesn’t count as a st), 1dc into next 8sts, work 8ch, skip 4sts, 1dc into next 11sts, work 8ch, skip 4sts, 1dc to the end, fasten off.  If possible do not cut yarn put piece to one side for flower placement and surface crochet.
Gently steam block your piece.

Tree Trunk
The tree trunk is made by working a chain, this is of your own choice of length, I used 70ch, (Use image as a guide if you wish), turn.
Work a dbltr into 5th ch from hook and each ch about 21 times, 3dbltr into next chain to form a bend in the tree.  Work in tr’s, then reduce to a htr’s, work a htr 3 tog to form another bend at any chosen point reduce to a dc’s and then a slst into last few chains, fasten off.
*Join yarn back into top of beginning 4ch, work 4ch, this is main trunk so work dbltr into chosen amount of sts, and reduce sts as and when you wish to, use sts together and more sts in same stitch to form bends, again as and when you wish, fasten off.
Repeat from * using less sts and fasten off.
Larger branches use instructions for tree trunk starting with a tr rather than a dbltr.  Place pieces loosely on cushion and arrange to suit, using yarn tails secure the pieces to the cushion stitch down edges.
When you are happy with your arrangement use the surface crochet technique to make the smaller twigs on which you will place your flowers.
Blossom (Make as many as you wish)
Using 3.5mm hook
Magic Ring
Round 1 – 1ch (doesn’t count as a stitch) 5dc into ring, slst to join, fasten off.
Join in second colour by working 1ch into any st.
Round 2 – [2ch, 3tr, 2ch, slst into same st, slst into next st] 5 times, on last repeat slst into bottom of beginning ch, fasten off.

Making Up
Lay wrong sides together with an overlay/envelope flap to form the opening for the cushion, dc down both sides. Turn back into right side and insert cushion.


© alifelikevera – Crochet by Nicky Hale.  Reserve all rights.  This pattern must not be reproduced in any way for commercial use or financial gain

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