Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prom time!

When I was growing up, I always loved watching the cheesy American high school films,  particularly any that involved proms, seemingly most of the movies were based around the prom as a finale.  I thought it very cool when the guy would turn up and his stunning date would float down the stairs in soft focus, in a fluffy gown, he would be stuck for words and clumsily present her with a floral corsage placed over her wrist, to break the ice.  Now I think how cheesy, then I use to think how beautifully romantic, little did I know!!!!! 
Those wrist corsages always seemed so gorgeous and whilst playing around with some flower ideas it reminded me of the Saturday afternoon movies in the 80's and thats when the project idea came to me.  
Simply Crochet liked my little design too, so much so that the 'Prom Corsage' is available in Issue 6!
I used gorgeous DMC Natura Just Cotton to create it, which comes in a host of delightful colours, so many shades to choose from and reasonably priced too.  All the flowers are attached to a little crochet band starting with the large flower, with the smaller blooms placed around it.  The band is stiffened with buckram and lined for comfort, then finished with a velvet ribbon.  It is versatile enough to be worn as a headband too, which would be great for festivals.  
Simply Crochet Issue 6
So if you get a chance, check out Simply Crochet page 62.

Until next time.....Nicky xx

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