Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow dog!

Today I played snowballs in the garden with Kylie my two year old Springer Poodle cross, she absolutely adores the snow and spent all afternoon running up and down the garden like a complete lunatic.
My son offered to take some shots of me and Kylie. So I thought I would share them.
Get Set
What a catch!
I love these three images, Kylie is adorable and in the words of Miranda 'such fun'.  Let's hope we have the snow for a few more day's, make's dog walks even more fun than usual, the're like spring lambs bouncing about.  
The weather is also giving me plenty of hooky inspiration just love it, think I should live in Norway, Denmark or Iceland I really love the colder weather.
P.S. The headband I am wearing is called Noir and is available FREE on Ravelry it is really warm, I wanted to design a simple headband as I suffer from terrible earache when its windy and cold, but don't necessarily want to wear a hat all the time, so this easy little make solved the problem.

Until next time..... have fun in the snow and stay safe, Nicky xx


  1. Norway would be glad to have you Nicky!

  2. Thank you Eline you are too kind.