Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, Full of Expectation!

I love the first week of January, its always fills me with optimism and time to think about all my plans for the year ahead.  Its a blank canvas almost, to play with and enjoy.
Poinsettia Bauble

I don't really make resolutions, more set targets and my target this year is to learn more about Tunisian Crochet. I have dabbled and I would like to perfect my technique and explore the craft a lot more.  This will mean a lot of swatching which I don't mind at all.

Tension Square Cushion

I was lucky enough to receive some more crochet books for Christmas which will be stored in my ever expanding library of crochet books, 200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments and Trims by Claire Crompton, Tunisian Crochet (The look of knitting with the ease of Crocheting) by Sharon Hernes Silverman I wanted this purely for reference and the fabulous Homespun Vintage book by Jane Crowfoot which is absolutely delightful and I am biased because she is a chum and I was also lucky enough to help crochet some parts of the projects in the book.

NOTE: Pictures aren't really relevant but are a couple of designs that will be available as patterns in the new year.
Until next time......Nicky xx

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