Friday, November 30, 2012

Helleboras, Nala and Noir!

My daughter came home from the shops wearing this:

Quite nice but much to my disgust, shop bought! 
I had been sorting through my stash at the time and happened upon some old Jaeger Fleece, Rowan Chunky Print, Biggy Print and Big Wool.  It was then I had a light bulb moment! Not having enough yarn to make anything substantial I would have more than enough to make a collection of, 'Winter Warm' headbands.  The yarn is exceptionally bulky and makes a beautifully warm fabric, I get particularly cold ears in the Winter so this piece is ideal for keeping my ears toasty!  Great when walking the dogs.

I thought about making a crochet cable or another textural stitch but most of my yarns, apart from big wool are mixed colours and some of the definition would be lost in the final piece.  
I measured round my head and did some calculations and came to the conclusion that 52 to 56cms (3 sizes sml, med, lge) was a pretty average measurement for the headband. 
Helleboras, thus named because of the five petal flower embroidery. 
Helleboras -  Moss st and  dc
Nala this finished sample with its caramel tones reminded me of fur, I also love The Lion King.  
Nala - simple dc
Noir, well black headband is not very exciting and the French version sounds so much more sophisticated. 
Noir - Moss st and dc with  mix of  Big Wool  and  Shimmer.
So the patterns are now available on Ravelry they are dead easy, I am definitely keeping Nala and have enough yarn left to create some cuffs for matching mitts all cosy when that snow hits!

Until next time......Nickyxx

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