Monday, November 19, 2012

A Bit of Sparkle!

I was very lucky to be given this gorgeous yarn recently, its Rico Creative Galaxy DK, and can be purchased from Black Sheep Wools. The fibre is soft to the touch, mainly man made with 22% wool content,  and sparkly mini sequins, very pretty. 

I have been racking my brain, with 1200 mtrs of yarn I can make something fairly substantial, but what do I make with it? I decided to bite the bullet and make a garment, an item of clothing, eek!  Taking 'baby steps' I chose to create a simple, loose 'box shaped' tank.
I decided on stitch pattern which was fairly easy, a mix of 1tr 1dc repeat, to create a solid fabric and then an open stitch 3tr 3ch repeat for an open stitch pattern.  I worked up a swatch, and decided on 2 rows of open stitch and 4 rows of solid stitch.

Sample Swatch

It was full steam ahead working out the pattern, using the skills TrueBritKnits Belinda Boaden taught me, she is a brilliant knitwear designer, check out her website for fabulous patterns. I sat and worked out a design using measurements for a size 14/16 and some basic maths and made a start.
My Scribbles!
This is where I am so far - 
Draped for the moment.
hopefully I will be finished in time for Christmas? I would like to wear it to the pub on Christmas day, (annual event, all the neighbours pile down the pub whilst dinner is cooking). I may reconsider the outfit if my design looks like a sack!

Until next time.....Nicky xx

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  1. Looking very, very good!

    Not as hard as it looks, is it? ;-)