Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Cycling!

So I think Autumn is upon us?  I love the Autumn, Summer is always so hit and miss! You know where you are with Autumn.

As usual all those garments I planned to have ready for Autumn for myself aren't ready! 
However I have been working on some exciting design projects so I can be forgiven for my tardiness.  I was asked by Simply Knitting to produce some fingerless mitts for their August Crochet Supplement in Issue 96.  I came up with these mitts:
Inspired by Autumnal cycling with a vintage /utilitarian feel.
I love a granny square you can't go wrong with them and the yarn I used was so delicious Spring Cashmere from Gomitolis, In my minds eye I envisaged cycling along in the fresh Autumnal sunshine.  How I love to day dream!

Anyway also published this week I believe is Simply Crochet, from those clever guys at 'Simply Knitting towers'!  It features some previous designs I made for them and also a fabulous table runner design from Jane Crowfoot, well worth a purchase.  Simply Crochet is fit to burst with crochet patterns, so if the weather does turn grab your hook and yarn, you have something to snuggle up with.

Until next time......Nicky xx

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  1. absolutely must brush up my crochet skills, at the moment I am limited to edging. So useful on an airplane