Tuesday, August 7, 2012

50 shades of Grey??

Yes I have the book, NO I haven't read it, my daughter decided I must read it, gave me a copy, I am yet to pick it up and quite frankly have no inclination to!

The title of my post actually refers to my hair colour!  Having discovered my first grey hair at the age of 18 I have continued to dye my hair well into my early forties.  I did think about letting the colour grow out in my late 30's but was told in no uncertain terms by my children not to!  I also ventured into highlights which as I continued to get, made my naturally Mid Brown hair go lighter and lighter until last year on holiday in Turkey I had a photo taken and was horrified by my sun bleached hair and dark eyebrows, eek!  So having dyed the blondie look back to mid brown which is never really successful,  I had a ginger accident too! I decided that now at the ripe old age of 40 something 'nearer to 50' to grab the bull by the horns and go for GREY. 

This isn't as simple as it sounds in my world, it does involve some serious research! I have to think about the colours I wear I don't want to look like 'mutton'  but equally I don't want to look like I have given up and have a one way ticket to 'frumpsville'.  I like clothes but being a nearly 6ft tall and with an expanding waistline, I have not got the average shape.  I have addressed the waistline issue with a Special K diet which rears its ugly  head every so often, but I much prefer the other option Uniqlo shapers. My staple item of clothing however is the trusty jean, which I live and die in.  Do I have  a limited colour pallete when I go grey?  If my hair is colourless then perhaps I can brighten up my wardrobe?

Another issue I have is hairstyle, I do not suit short hair, had a semi short haircut once, didn't like, also as your hair goes grey and you get older you loose more hair so I need to make sure I lessen the layers as I don't want my hair to look thin.  I have seen some very glamorous women with long grey hair but they are of course wealthy or famous, think I need a style that sits between shoulders and chin but definitely not a bob, had that style for years and done it to death. So next time I go to the hairdresser I need to announce my plan, my hairdresser will try to persuade me otherwise,  but you know what I really want to give it a try.

I wrote this blog with a view to getting some advice,support and also some general opinions and feedback
on how to make the transition a lot smoother?

Until next time.....Nicky


  1. Um, not sure there will be colours that you can't wear, unless they don't suit your skin colouring. I can't imagine you grey. If hairdresser is awkward, change. I think if you go to the same one for years they get stuck in a rut with you and stop trying.

    1. You are definitely right about the hairdressers that stop trying, the advice I got was to see what I thought of it when it grows out, ways in which to touch it up if uneven and some advice about hair styles, i.e. not short, not a bob but not 'witchy poo long' so guess it stays the length it is!