Friday, July 13, 2012

Vera's Refuge Square!

Had  a busy week, getting use to my new working hours, and exciting projects I'm working on, sorry to tease but can't talk about them.
On the crochet front, I have been taken by a simple little crochet stitch, I featured it in my last blog and have become quite obsessed with it.  As well as using in two design submissions, (one commissioned) and using in another version of my cushion design for Beginners Crochet Course project, I have now used it for my Refuge square.  I love, love, love this stitch so have decided to share with you.
See pattern below this is nice and simple and great for beginners seeking a bit of a change from plain old dc, Oh and really, stupidly quick!

Vera's Refuge Square
4mm hook
Any DK yarn (I used Rowan Pure Wool DK)
Tension: 10sts x 24rows using stitch pattern.
Measurement: 15 x 15cms

Row 1 - 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, *1ch, sk st, 1dc into next ch* repeat to end, turn.
Row 2 -1ch (doesn't count as st), 1dc, *1ch, sk st, 1dc into 1ch sp, * repeat to end, turn.
Row 3 to Row 32 - Repeat Row 2, fasten off at end of last row.
Sew in ends and block.

See, told you, nice and simple, enjoy!  Off to play around can't get enough of this stitch.
NOTE: Too tired to work out why I keep getting white surround on some of my text. Yawn

Until next time......Nicky
PS: Check out this gorgeous location for a crochet course.  Provence Temptations


  1. Nice stitch - will try it out later. Yes, that crochet course sounds heavenly....if only I had a spare 3 grand!!!!!sheesh.

  2. Am I having a duh day? You've lost me Nana Go-Go.

  3. Erm, yes I am having a duh day? Just got what you meant, jeez think I need to go to bed!!!!

  4. Anonymous24.7.12

    Would love to do this but I don't know what the abbreviations mean: what is sk. st. please? and 1 ch. sp. I'm not really dim, just haven't crocheted for 50 years and then only in English!!

    1. Sk st is skip a stitch and 1ch sp is 1 chain space. Enjoy!

  5. It's called Moss Stitch or Tweed Stitch Nicky most old books call it Tweed but some new ones have started to call it Moss a copy of Knitted Moss stitch
    Hugs x

    1. Yep, had decided it was a Crochet Moss, after some debate with chums, although I haven't seen it actually called that in any of my books might look at the vintage ones. Thanks Suz x