Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wonderful Chatsworth

One of my most favourite places to visit when I am in Derbyshire is Chatsworth House. I have now been about 7 or 8 times and it never fails to amaze me.  Each time I visit I always discover a new route and because they are always adding to their sculpture collections I happen upon something new every time.  

Rather than waffling on, I will show you some of the  pictures our visit.

Newly gilded

Ronny, Me and pooches having a rest

Kylie making a beeline for sculpture which I thought was hideous!

Trickling streams

Got so excited to see this sculpture still at Chatsworth one of my favourites.

Beautifully placed sculpture

Reverse tree!

Kylie's favourite piece!

Another award winning catalogue man pose.

So many more pictures to share, need to add that I looked high and low for the 'Crochet Lions', typically spotted them on my way out, in the distance, so going back for a closer look will definitely post lots of pics of them.

Until next time..........Nicky x

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