Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jubilee Makes!

So its Jubilee weekend and all the the bunting and flags have disappeared from the shops but am I undetered? NO.  Time to dive into my stash of fabric, which sort of turned into a massive clearout!

One massive black bin bag and a neatly organised fabric box later, I have found some starchy white cotton, an old checked blue duvet cover and some red gingham, joy!  Now where are those 'plinking' shear's? 

I had great fun chopping out bunting shaped triangles and putting them in Red, White and Blue order ready to attach to some old bias binding I had knocking around.  

I realised at this point that I really do have lots of different collections of textile products,  I then went to my collection of thread and instantly found some crisp white cotton to sew the bunting together.  

So thus so far I have 'plinked' bunting flags, bias binding (blue albeit a slightly different shade) and cotton.  This has cost me ......... sweet FA!  How good is that I have bunting that hasn't cost me a penny.  

Now off to create patriotic cup cakes! 


  1. A girl after my own to make something from nothing! Well done Nicky, great job. Happy Weekend to you.
    ps Love the new look too.

  2. Thanks Nana Go-Go for your lovely comments, slight mistake with bunting pinned together with flags facing away, so I have red, blue, white bunting, lol, Viva la France! x