Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drum Roll Please........!

The winner is .......... fabriquefantastique, easy really, only two comments so did a heads and tails and the winner chosen was tails.  So the lovely little pattern book Vintage Handknits by Artesano, will be winging its way to a new home!

On another note, I have been busy on the crochet front again with two forthcoming commissions for a couple of magazines which is very exciting kept me busy this weekend, good job really because gastly weather kept me out of the garden! For one commisson I am using Sublime Lustrous extrafine merino dk, comes in a gorgeous colour palette.  Good excuse to take a trip to a proper yarn shop and have a look and a squeeze.  

Anyway back to the crochet......ho hum what a life!

Until next time......Nicky.


  1. Congrats to the winner.Good luck with your yarn shopping.

  2. Oh, I am delighted....this is the first givaway I have won, most likely because I have only entered 3 in 3 years, and then because I really, really wanted the prize.
    Nicky, I have been a follower of your ever since I started blogging, I think about 2 1/2 years ago. Made my day....

  3. Well I am so glad that I made your day. I hope to be able to offer more patterns and giveaways in the future. So please keep following me and I want to see lots of pics of the finished project when its done....N x