Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crochet in the Sunshine

I had forgotten how nice it is to crochet in the sun, well you can forgive me for that really, with the horrible weather we have been having!

I had the opportunity this week as I have to produce two new designs for a beginners crochet class. I have been asked to teach at very short notice,  I will be teaching this Saturday.  I have produced a teaching pack with course layout, broken down into different learning sections.  I has been a really good exercise for me and all though time consuming I now have a teaching pack I can use again, that's if I am asked again!  
A funny thing happened last weekend, my mother rang and said "I am just putting you on speaker phone", before I could protest, I heard my step brother, Theron's voice on the other end of the phone, quote " Nicola, I am trying to CROCHET!!!!!, I have done a chain how do I do the first row"!  My brother sadly lost his wife to cancer 2 years ago and they have a daughter Elizabeth who loves learning new crafts, so Theron was trying to learn in order to teach her.  After picking myself up from the floor, I did my first crochet tutorial over the phone and he was well away!  Later on that day I got another phone call from my mother, both Theron and my Stepdad were sitting at the dinner table crocheting but there was a bit of swearing too when they made a mistake.  Elizabeth was mortified and had retired to the lounge to watch DVD's and my mum had escaped upstairs, for some peace and quiet, but oh how we did laugh.  Incidentily my step brother is a police officer so is he the first 'Crochet Copper'? I wonder!!!!

Until next time................Nicky xx

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