Sunday, March 25, 2012

Am I worthy?

From afar I have always admired Noro Yarns, their subtle color change, the myriad of shades available. 
I say not worthy because it always seems to be the really good knitters and crocheters who rave about this yarn.  
I have adored from a distance and hadn't dare purchase any as yet, well until last week!!!!!! 
I was at the Stitch and Craft show, Olympia, helping (getting in the way) on the Future stand.  I travelled up with Juliet Bernard (editor The Knitter).  We sat on the train knitting and crocheting to our hearts content, discussing the virtues of knitting and crocheting being so portable.  
On entering the show we approached the Black Sheep stand, (we had to walk right past it anyway), Juliet said "Ooo, they always do great offers on Noro," at which point I fell upon a wire basket full of  Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn £6.99 a ball, #OMG.  Tentatively I dared to touch, that was it, with very little encouragement I purchased my first 2 balls of Noro, being the enabler that I am Juliet also managed to come away with 5/6 balls. 

So I can safely say I am no longer a Noro virgin! 

Whilst I don't imagine I will make a ground breaking garment, I will design it none-the-less!  I have in mind a simple crochet piece, why destroy the colour journey with too many frills and flounces.  I have the image in my minds eye, although in that image I am 2 stone lighter with a washboard stomach, we can but dream!
So bragging rights I think, I have worked up a lovely tension square in double crochet using a 3mm hook, can't beat a good old double crochet.

 I added the Buddha for a little oriental authenticity!

Pattern to come:  Until next time.......Nicky xx

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