Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going Dutch!

So DH and I have decided that we should become a one car family!  Decision being made because our old faithful Fiesta is going to cost more money to get through its MOT that its worth.  Having served us well, I will be sad to see this wonderful little car go. DH will be using our remaining car for work and I will cycle, my office is only 5/10 minutes away. 

So, whilst in Holland last year I fell in love with Dutch bikes, not only for their 'quirkiness' and 'vintage' look, but the way in which they make you sit up straight, I have posture issues being 6ft tall, these bikes are just right for 'slouchers'.  I did a bit of research and found this fabulous site, and the perfect bike for me, they also had a selection of accessories, including a much sort after basket for the front.

The decision to go down to one car makes me feel smug, because however small we are doing our bit for the environment, I will be saving lots of money on insurance, tax and petrol, I can use my bike loads and be more creative with my travel methods.  Yay!  Until next time..............Nicky xx

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