Friday, February 17, 2012

Christening Doris!

Today was the day, cycling to work for the first time on Doris

I had a practice run up and down our street at 6.30am because there are certain design features on this particular bike that differ to your bog standard bike.  Most importantly I had to get the hang of  backward pedaling to brake on the back wheel, apparently this is common feature on bikes in Holland and also in Germany, my dear friend Heike informed me.  It is a strange technique but quite easy to master even for a uncoordinated clumsy clot like me! Another strange technique is you have to have the pedals vertical, in order to turn the front wheel, this takes a bit of  concentration.  I did fall in love with this style of bike, these two design features add to the charm and it makes me cycle slowly and steadily but I can relish every minute of the experience.  

Needless to say when I got to work I couldn't stop smiling.  Until next time.....Nicky xx

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