Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back down to earth!

Back from hols now, had a wonderfully relaxing break.  Slotted straight back into routine.  Celebrated my sons birthday in Turkey, he had a wonderful surprise from Yash and Aynur (our Turkish chums who run the local restaurant and fed us for most of the holiday) they made him a lovely carrot cake and surprised him with lots of drum banging and typically Turkish chorus of 'happy birthday to you'!
See pic:

Sam also got his GCSE results which were good and bad, nethertheless he still managed to secure a place on the college course he was interested in by the strength of his Art portfolio,  this 'with great satisfaction' proves that his school Art teacher, who quite frankly was completely un-professional and refused to look outside the box as far as creativity is concerned, doesn't know everything!  He got his GCSE in Art but it didn't reflect the quality of his exam piece which he worked so hard on and just shows the biased that still exists within some teachers who get to mark a large part of the exam pieces.  Grrr.... Right getting off my soap box now.  He has had his first week at college and seems to really like it prefers the approach, to that of school.

Managed to get more of my Jane Crowfoot Crochet Club 2011 done.  Yes, that isn't a typo I am working on February so quite behind but really enjoying it.  This is my progress so far.
See pic's:

I am also working on a super duper 'top secret' project at the moment with the lovely Belinda Boaden take a peek at her website to download some lovely projects.  Here is a sneak peek.
See pic:

We are using gorgeous Jamison and Smith chunky yarn in a luscious ochre/mustard colour.  I will reveal the final design, as and when its finished.

I have the urge to start lots of projects at the moment in chunky and aran yarns think its the evenings getting darker and the chill in the air makes me want to cuddle up with my crochet and dogs and hook away.  Kylie loves a cuddle and although naughty it is quite nice to cosy up on the sofa with her, whilst I work and also gives me the excuse to do little plaits in her coat which she doesn't seem to mind and I find strangely therapeutic!
Here's a little pic she is a monster now hopefully she will stop growing eventually but she isn't stopping at the moment, eek!
Feeling the need to go and loose myself in Ravelry to find more projects so, until next time......Nicky xx

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