Thursday, August 4, 2011

More hookey time!

So all at once I discover I have a few projects on the go!  How did that happen?
  • I am working on a submission idea for a well know magazine.  Its, at the moment in drawn and semi pattern/charted state but if the mag take it I will certainly be plugging like crazy.
  • I have potentially 2 waist coats on the go, I'm calling them Yaz (Turkish for Summer) and Primavera (Spanish for Spring), These are being made for me and my daughter and also I get to practice my new found grading skills, waistcoats seemed a simple way of building up my pattern design confidence. I am using some Patons Crystal which is 100% Acrylic Microfibre in a bright Lime for my waistcoat (Yaz) and some old Jaeger Trinity which is a mainly silk/cotton mix in a pale, pinky lilac shade for (Primavera).  I was hoping to have both made before my holiday in August, but behind schedule so it may just beYaz.
  • Jane Crowfoot crochet club 2011 has officially finished now, unfortunately I'm still on January, so I guess that I will be doing a couple of panels on holiday!
  • Just finished writing the pattern instructions for In the Navy a little clutch bag number I made for my daughter, this pattern is retailing for £2.00 on Ravelry and Etsy.  Really pleased with this and my daughter looks great in the picture too.

Anyway off to Turkey on the 19th of August that is if my sons passport comes in time, eek!  Really looking foward to it, just to get away and chill, just want to lie by the pool and crochet, read and swim, ahh bliss!
Until next time............Nickyxx

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  1. So gld Sam's passport arrived in time and hope you are going to have a fab time in Turkey..I am sure you will. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more about your pattern and loving the bag x