Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another little project!

Last week was all a bit hectic, what with Sam finishing school etc..... On top of this my daughter had been invited out with her old school chums clubbing this weekend.  She had got the outfit a while ago and had put some money aside for the minibus, drinks and club entry, however Naomi realised last weekend she didn't have a bag to match her outfit.  So she batted her eyelashes and called me 'Mummy', and confidently announced she was sure I would have time to created a little crochet clutch number!

So colour scheme was to be Navy and white, I had some old yarn knocking around along with a plentiful supply of fabric and some magnetic clasps that I had been thinking about experimenting with.  I set to work, construction consisted of 6 motifs and some double crochet edging, I used some starch spray to stiffen the crochet piece and some stiffening sections 'sandwiched' inside the fabric insert recycled from some old handbags and came up with this!
My daughter looked fabulous all dressed up and the bag worked a treat!

I called the bag 'In the Navy' giving it a nautical theme, an ideal name as this weekend because both my Son and Daughters outfits echoed that trend!

Naomi excitedly told me about all the positive feedback she had about the bag from her friends and a couple of complete strangers, which was really great to hear!  I will be writing up the pattern but haven't yet decided when so watch this space.

Until next time......Nicky x


  1. Looooooove the bag, you clever thing!!! and Naomi looks stunning next to her handsome brother x

  2. Thanks Heike, she brushes up alright when she goes out on the town, bless her! x