Thursday, June 9, 2011

innocent Big Knit 2011!

It's that time again! Time to give those little unwanted balls of scrap yarn a purpose in life!

This years message from innocent drinks..............'Worldwide Knitting in Public Day, Sat 11th June, marks the official woolly launch of this year’s innocent Big Knit and we need your help.
We want to raise £160k this year for Age UK by knitting 650,000 little hats which will go on the smoothie bottles and be sold in stores in November. For every little hat knitted, innocent will give 25p to Age UK to help them make winter a little warmer for older people across the UK.  We need your help to reach this huge target - We have 3 different patterns to start you off and there will be lots more going up on the website very soon.  You can find the patterns by searching innocent’s Big Knit on Ravelry and the pdfs will also be going up on the website next week'.

So why not use this Saturday to get together with some chums and make some of those great little hats, see this link for the knitted beginners pattern to download.

Crochet patterns will be going up on Ravelry too.  Apologies to anyone who has been trying to download the granny crochet hat on my RAV page, I will be putting up the pattern very soon.

Have a great WWKIP day........until next time Nicky xx


  1. excellent way to use up left over stash

  2. Howdie! Will take some flyers to promote this at our WWKIP event in Llangollen..have fun x

  3. Hi..cute hats!
    Zumba..had the dvd's since it first came to us...and we have never done more than look at the first one...oops
    Hope you get yourself a bike again..really have had fun this morning, felt like they must have felt when bikes first appeared..the freedom to go places with the wind in your hair lol
    Hugs Suz x