Sunday, June 19, 2011


This week I am making a cushion cover!  It started off as a 'playing around with a stitch type swatch', but as I worked in the round it started 'evolving' into an interesting piece. It has lots of texture and depth and I am really enjoying the crochet adventure.  I also have the perfect cushion insert.  On the yarn front I am using Hayfield Bonus Aran, cheap and cheerful, 400gms goes a very long way,  841 mtrs to the ball, the stitch I am using is a popcorn stitch, pretty much continuously, so using up lots of yarn.  Have been writing up some motif patterns for a folder of swatches I received at the beginning of the year, which I will be grouping together as free downloads in some form not sure where as yet, however this will not be for quite a while so keep your eyes peeled.  I have also been designing some motifs of my own, probably gleening inspiration from the other designs I have been deciphering.  Have lots of ideas at the moment for crochet items, bags seem to be jumping to the fore at the moment, with bead combos etc...... hopefully I will be able to fill the blog with some images soon. 

Today I leave you with a cute Kylie pic it has crochet in it too! 

Until next time........Nicky xx

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  1. Looking forward to pics of your latest project and some stitch patterns soon. Cute pic of Kylie xx