Monday, June 6, 2011

Fickle Me!

Yes, I know I have changed my blog again! I am fickle wasn't feeling the pink for very long but I love, love, love green, my favourite colour, and accents of coral goes so well, plus that's my nail colour this week!

Embracing the coral on my sausage fingers!

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Fyberspates book launch last weekend, so I decided to crack on with my current WIP its taking a bit of time (shawlette in merino silk lace, starting with 400 chains and working down)! I am determined to finish it and really enjoying making it too, the yarn is so soft to work with.

Picture doesn't do the yarn justice!

I have some of this gorgeous yarn too 

Started making a scarf with it but lost interest, so back to the drawing board again.

On the Kylie front she is now able to go on the ground and has been on two walks a day which absolutely exhausts her, she has met lots of other dogs, in particular Toby who is Chester's chum.  I don't really think he knows what to make of her but tolerates her.  She had us all in stitches the other day, when we walked back from the 'top field', Chester always has a stick in his mouth and she decided that he needed some help with it so whilst we waited at the traffic lights to cross she grabbed hold of the stick in her mouth too it was very comical trying to get across the road with both dogs holding onto the same stick and we caused much hilarity with the drivers sitting in their cars, but glad to be of service!

Kylie and Chester destroying as many things at once that they can!

Will leave you with a thought having more than one dog is great and Chester entertains Kylie no end, however I didn't think about the chewing regression that Chester may have with the influence of young pup!!  Until next time......N xx

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  1. As you said, coral & green are such a great combo, so liking your new blog colours. Glad shawlette is coming along and also great to see that Kylie has settled down to some serious chewing ;)) Like the yarn!!! and thank you for kind comments on A-M's photos, she is really enjoying the tasks I set her for the blog.
    Take care, until soon Heike xx