Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Grown Up!

Well it seems just only yesterday that I was packing Sam off to Secondary school, leaving him sitting all alone in a great big hall, he didn't know a soul!  That didn't last and he made lots of new chums. 
Now he is leaving school to hopefully embark on a two year stint at college ( if he gets the results he needs). 

Tuesday evening saw his prom.  Suited and booted he looked so handsome and grown up, I did shed a little tear, in private I hasten to add.
 He traveled in a Limo with six other friends and they all looked smashing.
Typically he played the fool when I took this picture but that's Sam all over!

Wednesday was leavers day when they basically have a nice big assembly the teachers heap praise on them and then they spend the rest of the afternoon scrawling messages over each others shirts and saying a tearful goodbye.

Thursday, today, his last school trip, a day at Thorpe park and then thats it!  

16 years have flown by, he has some wonderful memories of school, mainly being the class fool/joker, certainly not the academia.  To say he is glad to leave is an understatement.  
But now onwards and upwards, a new chapter, whatever he chooses to do with his life I will always be proud.  
He is my Sam and I quite simply love and adore him.  Until next time......Nicky xx


  1. I am almost crying myself just reading your post!! I know how you feel, they grow up far too quickly but will always remain our 'little' ones. Sam looks dashing!!

  2. That nearly made me cry! so sweet mum! but now blog about your amazing daughter! :P xx