Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion!

Thought I would have a little spring clean of the olde blog, feeling pink at the moment, must be something to do with the SKOOD, brought a little colour into my life!
Spent some time setting up my Etsy shop this weekend, you can check it out if you like, with the link on the page, I will be adding lots to it as time goes on.
Finally found a way of cleaning dog room!  Chester is finally accepting Kylie, they play constantly, its exhausting!!!!  Popped out in the garden, they roll around the grass chewing sticks and anything they can get their paws on, blissfully happy and unaware that I am tackling the dog room, so today I was very happy that every little crack and crevice was hoovered and mopped, without a small pup hanging off the mop and a large dog trying to drink the bucket water!  For one day my room is 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion'!
I leave you with playful dogs pic.

Until next time...... Nicky xx

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