Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Time Pup Mum!

So we have had Kylie for nearly a week now!  She is completely adorable, but hard work.
Having never had a dog from pup age I had some clear ideas in my head on how I wanted to manage her upbringing, having the advantage of two older dogs who both have really positive traits that I hoped Kylie would pick up on.  She has already shown that nothing escapes her and is very observant in a positive and negative way.
My initial aim was to get her prepared for her first walk with Chester (my Labrador Retriever) this would be around the end of May after her 2nd injection.
Chester not looking Impressed! 
I figured that if I could carry her and walk Chester at the same time she would get use to the walk, the smells and hopefully pick up on Chester's obedience? this being good at:
1. Stopping and sitting automatically at junctions.
2. Off lead, he will walk ahead, but will stop at about 100 yards to make sure you are there.
3. When its time for his lead to go back on he will sit and wait for you to attach it to his collar.
4. Catching a ball and bringing it back for you to throw again.
Chester Bringing Stick Back to be Thrown
These are really positive traits and I figure that Kylie might see this happening and pick up on it! So in theory this should work!
Lets talk about practice!.......
First time, very sleepy pup tucked inside my jacket, happy to come on walk, sleeping mostly, went well. Second time, morning walk, 6am, very fidgety pup, excited, tied to me in a pashmina type papoose, soon calmed down and seemed to take things in got excited when we met Chester's buddy Toby who is another Labrador Retriever and tried to wriggle out but I kept hold of her and Toby wasn't interested anyway!
Pup in Papoose
Third time, afternoon walk, sleepy pup again.
Fourth time, morning walk, very fidgety pup and bitey too, teeth like needles, settled down and was very interested in the whole ball throwing, got very excited when Toby's owner arrived.
Now seems to be getting used to the whole walk routine, at the end of morning walk she whines as we get to the house as she wants to pee as soon as we get home, which she does in the garden, and the afternoon walk is now called the sleepy walk.
In my next post I will talk about haphazard toileting, nice!  I will leave you with comedy pic, 
 Until next time.................Nicky xx

P.S. For more constructive doggy behaviour information, contact Emma Lightfoot animal behaviourist extrodinaire, she also blogs at lovelifeandknitting 


  1. Sounds as if you are well on track!! xx

  2. oh, Kylie is just ADORABLE. Want one!