Friday, January 7, 2011

Not a good start to 2011, things can only get better!

Sorry to put a downer on the New Year, but this week has been s..t, excuse the swearing but it has been that bad.  My daughter was witness to an awful road traffic accident on Tuesday, she helped assist the victim but unfortunately they died.  This filled her with so much sadness and the next evening she lost control of my car and damaged it quite badly, she is fine and there was no one else involved, however we have no car, so bum city!
My home life is up and down, enough said!
I had a yarn spring clean and managed to farm some out to a friend, but was slightly shocked at the amount of yarn I do have,  Suz you are to blame for adding more, lol! My sons comment was "mum you are addicted and are so sad", but I hold my hands up and am not ashamed, perhaps I could follow Juliets lead and get that stash mountain down?
I am still pattern writing and have to finish a pattern tonight so best get on with it, feeling a large glass of red to help me, so bye, bye for now have a fab weekend.......Nicky xx


  1. We're thinking of you lots xx

  2. Oh! Nicky that's awful so sorry to hear the new year is not so good for your family
    Cars can be replaced daughters can't
    Love n hugs to you all x

  3. Hi...Good luck with the curtains....more stripes for me today lol
    How's your dughter feeling now...lots better l hope
    Hugs Suz x