Monday, January 24, 2011

Easily Distracted? Never!!!

I'm officially hopeless!  I was ploughing away last week, with my Drops Shrug really getting into it, finished my bag pattern too and even managed to alter a dress for someone to wear at the weekend.  I then took a look at the Crochet Club 2011 patterns and thought "I'll just have a look perhaps do the first chain, two chevrons and one wave later am literally,well and truly 'hooked' (pardon the pun), sooooo addictive!! NOTE TO SELF: Never pick up a new project when you are half way through another,  what am I like?
Well I am not doing anymore Crochet Club until the weekend, and am going to get that shrug finished, I am saying this out loud so I will be shamed by my followers into practicing what I preach!
Latest news on my poor car, Freda is still poorly, sitting on the drive looking shameful,  although a very polite traveler knocked on the door at the weekend and asked if I wanted to sell Freda? I explained that she was waiting to be repaired but thanks for the offer.
Travelers are often given a bad wrap but this particular  traveler is always really polite, often seen driving around our area picking up the various metal items that have been discarded in drives and front gardens, ( you can guarantee if you put an old bed frame out it will be gone the next day if not the same day), he also shops in the supermarket that my daughter works in and always says "hello me darlin" to her, she says he and his family are lovely.  See my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding this changed my attitude about travelers and is well worth a watch, if not just for the outrageous outfits!
Anyway to conclude, plan for this week, finish Drops Shrug, nothing else just get it finished.  Until next time.....Nicky xx


  1. I'm in exactly the same position: no Crochet Club until shawl finished!

  2. I think travellers are given such a bad time him and all his family are lovely to me and constantly polite, and a very tight family unit :) x

  3. Hi what a great episode of Silent Witness, won't spoil it but you'll be gripped
    Enjoy the evenings viewing
    Hugs Suz x