Saturday, December 11, 2010

Show and Tell!

Well my final pieces have been sent off to achieve my City & Guilds qualification.  The course has lasted for 10 weeks and there has been so much to do, although it has gone so quickly.  The written part I must admit I did not enjoy, trying to qualify why you did things, I sometime just create because I want to and most of my projects evolve rather than have a clear, beginning, middle and end.  So I did find evaluation quite difficult.  I am very pleased with my cushions (not pictured) and also found making my 'soluble' fabric bowl great fun, although I do need more practice at it.  Again s..t photography, I just shouldn't be allowed near a camera!  So now just to wait and see what mark I get!

Got lots of Christmas making, planned this weekend, have an apron to make for a certain little miss in Ipswich, a cushion cover for my daughters boyfriend and  a 'creation' for my boss!  Nearly finished my latest design, so looking forward to seeing how it turns out and I will be getting my daughter to photograph it so it doesn't look crappy!....until next week, Nicky xx
PS: My daughter passed her driving test, my car has mysteriously disappeared this weekend???????


  1. Good luck....great bowl...machine embroidery?
    Enjoy the weekend pressie making

  2. Hi again....sleep mmmm when the furballs will let me lol x

  3. Love the bowl and well done you for finishing, I am sure you get an excellent mark. I have got 11 Modules to go...that is about 2 years and 4 months in real time for my diploma, I must be mad to do this?!?!
    Hope you had a great weekend making things..has your car returned?
    Hugs from me xx