Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Chuffed, what a wonderful surprise!

Heike of MadaboutYarn fame nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I am delighted and flattered that she nominated me, she writes an amazing blog too and has lots of free patterns to download which are super.

To receive the award I have to tell you five things you might not know about me!
  1. I keep a notebook in nearly every room in my house, so if I have any crochet design ideas I scribble them down.
  2. I love supernatural, horror,fantasy, thrillers but also period films and dramas.
  3. I used to practice martial arts in particular Tai Kwon do, and have a blue belt, and have also won a gold medal in team martial arts.  Stop doing it because I was fed up with the constant bruises!
  4. I am six foot tall with an inside leg of 36 inches and hate clothes shopping with a passion.
  5. I am actually quite shy although people don't think so, and hate public speaking or drawing attention to myself, I usually say the wrong thing or something really stupid!

The second stipulation for receiving the award is to nominate five blog writers myself.
  1. My first nomination is for Nicki Trench her blog is bright beautiful and very informal diaries her classes and is a feast for the eyes.
  2. The fabulous Emma of LoveLife&Knitting for her amusing look at all things animals, bringing up a young child and puppy and all round wonderfullness.
  3. This was really easy the craftalicious Suz of Suz Crochet Groove for her energy, craftiness and all round goodness.
  4. My daughter Naomi SnappyGirl for being her, honest, genuine, gorgeous and hilariously dippy!
  5. Finally Jane Crowfoot, she was one of the first people I met when learning to knit and crochet and she is so inspirational and a really nice person to boot, her blog is really interesting and inspiring.
Thank you Heike for my nomination its a wonderful surprise I am delighted.

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  1. You deserve it girl...cool about the Martial Arts!!
    Enjoy xx