Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finishing off!

So tis the season to be jolly!  Also the season of finishing!

  1. Finished 'bag of doom', delighted with the end result, hope the mag like it too?
  2. Finishing college next week, still got lots to do but will concentrate on that this weekend, I love doing the practical but hate the written bit, explaining every thing I done, sooooo tedious!
  3. School term finishes, quite enjoy not doing the school run, although Sam has been ill since Wednesday, hoping to get a doctors appointment tomorrow for him and some antibiotics to get him on the mend. 
  4. Work finishes for xmas, finish on the 23rd so I can put my feet up for a week or so and relax, Hmm fat chance!!
  5. And finally the year finishes, lots of good and bad memories for this year, good that I got my first design published in a proper magazine, bad, I lost my dear SIL to cancer after a nine year battle and she was only 43, I have very fond memories of her, she was just a wonderful and delightful person with a heart of gold.
So with everything ending there has to be a beginning and I am hoping that the new year is going to be fresh shiny and exciting.  That I am inspired to create more designs and that I actually make more time for lots of exciting projects.

Oh, finally I have just had my second design published, here's a pic.  I have posted it on Ravelry too.  
So thats me done, until next time.........Nicky x


  1. Woo Hoo! Your pattern is gorgeous Busy Lady!Off to have a look at it now. So sorry about your lovely SIL. x

  2. Boo Hoo! Can`t wait that long!lol

  3. Clever must be so proud..go girl!!