Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happening and patterns!

So couple of events coming, our little Sele School Craft Fair follow link for details and the absolutely fabulous Knitting and Stitching Show which I always get really excited about and spend far to much money at. 
I am still working on my entralac scarf with the gorgeous scrumptious yarn I bought at iKnit Weekender see progress below

My brain is buzzing with ideas at the moment for designs and I keep scribbling them down, am venturing into garments which is a bit scary as my maths is pretty shabby and have got to get my head round grading but here is one of my ideas, which I guess I will fine tune eventually, any advice, pointers or heads up on grading for garment will be gratefully received.

Mencap have just popped another pattern up for donation download, I think I mentioned in my previous post that I would give it the heads up, its the kindly donated by Louisa Harding Flower/Rosette we were busy making to raise money on our stand at iKnit, its a great little knit and looks wonderful when made up any donations will be gratefully received.  The crochet flower will be available in a couple of weeks.

Well I am very excited too, as I received my letter with instuctions for all the equipment I need for my college course which starts on 29th of this month. 
This is the list: Sketch Book, Pritt stick, Eraser, Pencils, Writing Pens, Pencil Sharpner, Scissors, Black & White Thread, Black & White Cotton Fabric, Black & White Chiffon, Fabric Scissors, Tailor Chalk, Pins and Pin Cushion, Embroidery Scissors, Embroider Hoop and so on...... so I took a little trip to Stevenage market to visit my favourite habadashery stall and bought lots of goodies, and have managed to kit myself out for the grand total of £25 which is a massive bargain.

Finally my daughter Naomi has also started her college course 'Theatrical and Media Make Up' and is really loving it, I have nagged her to post some of her pics on her blog Snappy Girl but watch that space like all teenagers she has no time!!!!

Well off now, take care...........Nicky xxx

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  1. You must be so excited to start your course, I have just had thumbs up from Lorraine McLean for the City & Guilds Handknitting diploma course, so waiting for my first module paperwork any day now. Now that it is here it feels all a bit scary and very serious...going back to school aaarghhh!!!
    The cardi design looks good work in progress...are crocheting or knitting and what yarn are you using?
    Have a good w/e L Heike x