Monday, August 9, 2010

Last post pre - Turkey....!

Well off to Turkey, on Wednesday. 
Have sorted out some projects to take with me, but just thought I would have to show you a couple of FO's before I go.
Firstly my daughter Naomi, asked me to make her a Carrie-esque (Sex in the City 2) outfit to wear over her bikini whilst on holiday.  We went and saw the film and everytime she say an outfit she liked it was, "Mum do you think you can make that?" So this was one of the easier outfits, made from some lovely chiffon she found in the John Lewis sale:

Which transformed into this (frontview):

and again (backview):
and I must say this is one of the easiest garments I have ever made, Naomi is delighted with it, she can wear it by the pool and dress it up with a slip and heels for the evening.

The second item I finished today was a Beret using a  'Spike Stitch' for detail round the rim, two colours of yarn,  a classic cream and cool grey.  I wanted to create a beret with a slouch feel that would sit loosely on the head and suit both young and old.  I will be writing up the pattern for this and apologise for the photography,   its shocking! but hopefully gives you an idea of the hat.
and a flat image, hopefully you can see the detail more clearly:

Finally, won't be blogging until I come back from my travels, so missing you already, but I will be back soon, refreshed and full of stories no doubt, oh and yes I will be looking for yarn whilst out there...........................until next, Nicky x


  1. Mum you should have let me to take the pictures truly horrible ha, especially the one's of me in the hat blemishes showing!! x

  2. Bless you so self critical, YOU HAVE YOUNG SKIN!!!!! No wrinkles!!!! anyway just looking at the garments not you, Ha Ha!! x

  3. Have a fantasctic time in Turkey, it's a great place. Happy yarn-hunting. Love Heike xx

  4. No look at the picture of me in the hat my face looks really red!! However the hat is beautiful and i love my dress so much! Your so talented i so proud of you, i love you lots :) xxx

  5. Hope you all have a good time, love those clothes x

  6. Thanks for the comments and Naomi, the reason your face is red is because I take rubbish photo's perhaps you should take them on your swish camera next time !! x