Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chuffing Freezing!!!!

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW CHUFFING COLD IT IS.......................................OMG wish I was still in Turkey. 
Well reality time, got home and the house was locked up with no key to get in, sent my son up a ladder to 'jimmy' a window open and let us in.  We were then hit by an almighty stench,!!! ewww, fridge freezer had broken whilst we were on holiday and opened the fridge to flies and rotting food, gag.  Spent the next 2 hours emptying food and cleaning it out.  So decided we needed to buy some food for tea and 'lo and behold' the clutch went on the car.  Well when it rains it pours and yes the skies opened and it did literally.  Well thats enough moaning, back to my time in Turkey.  It was hot, very hot, I embraced relaxation, first day straight to the Turkish Baths for a steam, turkish bath, face pack and hot oil massage, once that was done off to the beauty salon, for a manicure and pedicure and that was me pampered and ready to go. 
Basically the holiday followed suit, I relaxed so much I spent a lot of time horizontal, reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer and finished it, great book recommend it highly.
Well I am off to download my pics and will talk about my trip to Saklikent Weavers Association in my next blog....Nicky x


  1. Well sounds like a lovely holiday! What a shame you had to go home to all that! Can't wait to see all your pics! Susie xxxx

  2. OMG you poor thing! Hope all is sorted now and can't wait to see all your piccies Heike xx

  3. Thanks got car back today, £750 later!!!! Oh well! x