Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a good week!

Really enjoying myself this week, I started it on a downer feeling a little low but for no particular reason which is always frustrating.  So I gave myself a good talking too and bucked my ideas up.
Monday I got to draw up some designs and crochet them up over the first few days which was really exciting, ( I will be blogging about one design in detail and the process I go through) as I am curious about how others go about it. 
I am really looking forward to this weekend me and Sam (my son) are going to stay with the lovely Emma we have lots to look forward too, and I always love catching up with her and putting the world to rights. 
I have also enrolled for a course at Oaklands College it isn't as yet up on their website, but it is a 10 week course on Creative Techniques in Fashion - Sewing Machine (CG Level 1 Award ), so really excited about meeting like minded people and gaining some more skills and inspiration.  So life isn't that bad in fact it is really quite good after all!
Until next time..................Nicky x


  1. Cool and I am intrigued about the project & process??? I have also enrolled to do a City & Guilds Diploma in Handknitting with Lorraine McLean. It's 12 Modules distance studying with lots of design and knitting. I think I can do it but it would be lovely to have a Diploma to show for it as at the moment the british magazines don't take my design ability serious and most of them are published in Germany or for free. I am on her list and as soon as a place becomes available I start..really excited.
    Keep smiling xx

  2. Oh I think you will really enjoy the course. I did a city and guilds in fashion, which involved making patterns and tailoring etc. SOunds very good! Susie xxx