Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Festival of Fabric, Day 2 The Event

Event Day at Festival of Fabric 2018.

Woke up fairly late 6.00ish on FOF morning, did my usual crochet and caught up on FB and Insta world.  More stall holders started arriving and watched from the window as they unloaded rolls of fabric and interesting boxes.

Eventually got our act together and ventured down to the dining area, again another fabulous room with humongous chandeliers, said hello to Mr Til the Sun Goes Down, who was still chuckling about the previous evening and tucked into a truly wonderful breakfast buffet.

The event started at 10am so we got into the pre paid queue and sailed in, greeted by mannequins, with handmade vintage outfits.  The first stall was the Felixstowe Sewing School, I looked through the fabrics and was so spoilt for choice but ended up with some small lengths of 1940's red with a white  and grey design enough for a sleeveless summer blouse. Next some gorgeous deep red silk dupion caught my eye couldn't resist it so snagged a fabulous 5mtrs of that, some red trim and of course my achilles heel 'buttons', 1930's no less, were purchased......and this was only stall 1!!!
Stall 1 stash
I split from my partner in crime and proceeded to look at other stalls found a great bargain fabric stall which was very busy but no surprise when they were selling 3/4mtr lengths from a fiver. (See pic below). Starting from the top -
  • 4 mtrs of luxurious rich purple Wool £8.... no ideas yet but it will come.
  • Picked up a what looked like hessian from a distance to discover it was actually a silk weave in an pale oatmeal, great quality and only £6, maybe a capelet but had to buy it.
  • Linen.... love linen trousers in the summer so cool, bugger for creases but hey ho, got 6mtrs for £5!!!!!!!
  • Next this sky blue with an almost lilac hint, like a viscose but not 100% sure, nearly 4 mtrs smart 30's blouse will voluminous sleeves I think. £5
  • Finally in this stash haul a smart airforce blue earmarked for a skirt about 2.5mtrs £5.

We made our way round and there were lots of interested stalls with new and vintage goodies on sale i kept flitting back to one in particular which had a lovely display of vintage collars and eventually gave in and purchased this beauty below:
Amanda and Tim were buzzing around and I managed to grab them together for a this lovely pic looking fabulous and dapper.  Amanda wearing a beautiful dress fashioned I believe that week just for the event.
Amanda and Tim Bowden Mr and Mrs FOF.
I made my way pass the 1940styleforyou stand who had also provided a lovely display for the event.

As I rounded the corner there were Mr & Mrs Til the Sun Comes Down, looking fabulous.  Mrs wearing one of her own pattern designs, Amelie, check them out.  I was itching to purchase her fabulous beach pyjama pattern, she had samples of some of her designs made up and the fabric was luxurious,  I managed to just purchase the pattern and was glad I did because they were going fast.

Do check out her website her patterns are amazing and although you can't see from this picture that collar on the shirt she is wearing is superb.

After numerous rounds of the event I finished with a couple of 'bits and bobs' and an empty purse, we decided to call it a day, said our goodbyes and thank you's. Our 'doppleganger' gal pals provide me with a pic but is best left off the blog....ha, ha.  Packed up our stash and took the long drive home to Derbyshire but not before putting next years date in my diary.

All in all a fabulous event, well organised and just perfect for vintage and craft lovers. Amanda and Tim are superstars wonderful hosts and organisers.  Next year I plan to do one of the classes on offer and of course we will stay at the lovely venue and meet up with the 'dopplegangers'.  I would recommend this event highly lovely venue too and well worth a visit.

So... until next time...Create, Be Happy and Value Yourself!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Festival Of Fabric Virgins 2018 Day 1

First timers to Festival of Fabric(FOF) 2018

As I said in my previous post much excitement for my visit, along with timewarp bestie Lady Peacock Vintage.

We left Derbyshire about 4.30 Friday evening and hit the weekend traffic M1 and A14 nightmare, but car journeys always go well, we talk absolute nonsense, put the world to rights and share expletives in our Hertfordshire and Manchester accents. Not everyone's cup of tea but works for us!
We arrived at the beautiful Orwell Hotel around 8.30/45pm, exhausted and desperate for a large Gin.  The Orwell is a beautiful Hotel, a little tired in places but that just adds to the charm.  The FOF was being held in the hotel so we could see stall holders busily setting up.
We checked in and set up our room took pics, 'well posh'.  Grand staircase and drawing rooms along with a pic of "our Liz".
'Our Liz'

Once we had booked in and dumped our stuff in the room, we found the bar pretty sharpish and ordered two very large and well deserved Gins. Just as we were deciding where to sit the wonderful Amanda Bowden walked up and said "are you Nicola"? We'd had a number of short convo's on FB, FOF related, so it was lovely to meet her in the flesh.  Amanda found us a lovely spot in the drawing room and rushed off saying wait there I'll find the others..... then returned with a box of Vintage mags with swatches to peruse, Top Host.  
Soon Tim or Mr Sewing Machine as I like to call him, joined us, along with Mr and Mrs Til the Sun Goes Down and we chatted excitedly about the next days event, getting to know each other and the joys of stitching and vintage.  Amanda continued to bob in and out still organising bits for the event and making sure everyone was happy, what a women.  
The next arrivals were the fabulous Flic (Esme's Vintage Closet) and Karen (Reinvintaged) or as we were to soon find out alifelikeveras and Lady Peacocks 'dopplegangers'.  More Gin was drunk and so were we! well 'tipsy'...strong constitutions and all that.  After much hilarity everyone started to drift away to bed, bless her Amanda eventually finished and could go home too.  Until just me and Lady Peacock were left.  
We had a cheeky night cap and explored where we could in the hotel and squashed our faces against the glass doors where the next days event was being held absorbing all the gorgeousness.  Falling into bed and sleeping like babies #socomfy.

Event Day to follow......xx

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Festival of Fabric 2018

So me and my timewarp bestie, Lady Peacock Vintage, are off to Felixstowe this Saturday to attend the fabulous Festival Of Fabric.  This caught my eye last year and as I love anything 'textiley' had to add it to my events calendar. 

This is an award winning event too, promoted brilliantly by its founders Amanda and Tim Bowden. Countdown started around 65 days before the event and fantastic boards of interest including fabrics, patterns and haberdashery items were used on Facebook, building excitement daily, and it worked!

I will endeavour to take some pics, (famous last words), and report back on our adventure in Felixstowe, full of inspiration and hopefully laden down with goodies too.
My Nanny on RH side wearing mostly handmade, so stylish.